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The Chosen is about the life of Christ creatively presented through the storytelling of inspired gospel accounts, added plausible details, and fleshed out biblical characters. Come and join us as we watch the biblical stories come alive through added backstories to well-known biblical characters who wrestle with the very same type of issues we all have to deal with today. The disciples have families and friends, have reputations to uphold, demonstrate a sense of humor, and struggle with finances and other daily concerns.
Whether or not one has been exposed to the Bible, these dramatizations can promote spiritual growth, remind us that the Biblical accounts are more than just a story, and help us all know Jesus better and love Scripture more.
As we observe this Holy Lenten season, Trinity Episcopal will again host our mid-week Wednesday evening homemade Soup, Bread, and time of Meditation beginning Wednesday, March 1st and ending on April 5, 2023. Soup and bread will be served at 6 pm.
Following our Wednesday night time of fellowship and Lenten meal, we invite you to join us at 7 pm to view an episode of The Chosen, a contemporary film and biblical account of the life of Christ and His disciples. Watch the biblical world come alive through the eyes of a charismatic fisherman struggling with debt, a troubled woman wrestling with demons, and a gifted accountant ostracized from his family and people.
Trinity Church Family: For those who plan on providing soup or bread, please see the sign-up sheet in the Parish Hall.

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